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Hello! I am Lucy Sandoval, I am 30 years old and I started this adventure 8 years ago, photography was always one of my passions and it became my job, that the truth for me is not a job, to be able to do something that I am passionate about every day is absolutely amazing.

I love being able to meet so many people, so many copules and stories and make me part of their life, even in a small way. Being able to capture those special and incredible moments of their lives is magical.

In every event, in every session I do, I give everything. I get excited about the moments that I am capturing, it is an incredible adrenaline that fills my soul, and listening to the comments of my clients, how much they like my work, is an incredible reward that makes every day I want to continue improving and growing up in my work. 

I married in 2014 with the most amazing person I have ever met, Rubén. He became my friend, my boyfriend, my husband and partner. We have shared 11 years of adventures, which have led us to what we are now and in creating this beautiful family we have.

Rubén is a star, yes that is the word with which I define it. A star because it shines in everything it does, is creative and has an incredible vision to create each of the videos of EVENTUM, so I say it to all my clients: "Each story makes it visually so beautiful and emotional, making feel live each person who sees the final work".

8 years have passed and we have created a great team, with 14 professional and talented photographers, videographers and assistants who are now part of the EVENTUM family. Each with his style and his vision capture wonderful moments.


EVENTUM we are each one of us.

Luis González

Miguel Gámez

Martín Ávila

Sergio Ángel


Dulce Uribe

Marco González

Elio Millan

Oscar González


Beto Zapata


Blanca Rodríguez

Alex Huerta

Amairany Morales


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